Is it Safe?

Is this safe?

"For most people bilateral stimulation is distracting and relaxing and perfectly safe. However, because it involves direct sensory stimulation of the nervous system, bilateral stimulation can trigger unexpected responses in people with conditions which involve hypersensitivity to sensory stimuli, Eg; people with acquired brain injury (where the condition involves sensitivity to complex visual or auditory stimuli), migraine sufferers (usually when they have the migraine), people with complex PTSD, people with Dissociative Identity Disorder (where different ego states may be activated by sensory changes). People with these kinds of conditions are not advised to use this process without the guidance of a trained EMDR therapist." See this Reference

This is NOT an EMDR Tool!

EMDR is a powerful tool that should never be done without the help of a trained professional. The process of EMDR is highly complex and could be dangerous if attempted on your own.